JLJ_blueWhy JLJ Consultancy?

JLJ Consultancy provides customized services for the scientific, pharmaceutical, academic, and medical communications communities. We guide public and private sector clients to achieve excellence in a highly competitive environment.

We operate at the crossroads of research and business. We give insight into effective communication of knowledge and provide support for the implementation of innovative ideas.

All consultants at JLJ have a PhD in a medical field.

Our scientific and medical writers know how to create powerful content to reach any audience.

We offer multi-format and multichannel content.

Do you need informative, educational, or scientific publications? We can help.


If you are an aspiring medical writer, we can get your job search on track.

We get it. We have all been there. We had devoted our lives to academia before we realized that our writing skills could be very useful in other industries.

If you are a PhD who doesn’t know what other careers are available, please contact us to set up a call.

We offer professional services for PhDs:
career advice
resume and CV services
career coaching
Linkedin makeover
and more.

We have worked with international clients…

and this is what they said.

Email us today

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