Jackie is the founder and managing director of JLJ consultancy.

Jackie grew up in rural Ohio and then received an undergraduate degree in Biology from The Ohio State University. From there, she travelled towards the sunshine, arrived at The University of South Florida, and completed a PhD in Cancer Biology.

Her dissertation focused on the molecular mechanisms of cancer metastasis.  Jackie then went for a postdoc at the Netherlands Cancer Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where she investigated synthetic lethal interactions in cancer.

During her PhD and postdoc, Jackie also worked as a freelance medical writer, expanding her network within the biotech, publishing, med comms, and pharmaceutical industries. This inspired Jackie to start JLJ Consultancy at the end of 2015.

JLJ Consultancy provides writing, project management, editorial management, and training services for a variety of clients in The Netherlands and around the globe.

Her company has been successful in delivering these services to clients ranging from small agencies to large pharmaceutical companies.

She has extensive training in medical & scientific writing from AMWA, EMWA, Amsterdam Writing Workshops and Stanford University. She is passionate about communicating scientific advances to the public to address important medical questions.

Outside of the office, Jackie is a sports enthusiast and an avid rock climber; she is certified by Mirjam Verbeek, former Dutch climbing champion, as a multi-pitch, lead climber. She believes that everyone can benefit from yoga, and she loves to cycle all over Holland.

During the week, you may find Jackie in a cafe, working on a project. She enjoys coworking with creatives and meeting people from different backgrounds, which she considers the most satisfying aspect of launching a startup company.

You can reach Jackie
@ JLJ consultancy


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