kayeKaye is an accomplished scientist and project manager, with 15+ years of research experience in neuroscience, oncology, endocrinology, and reproductive health.

Kaye has contributed to over 30 academic manuscripts.

She originally trained in the USA before taking up a research position in a leading cancer institute in Australia. This has given Kaye a global perspective on health and science.

Kaye is passionate about facilitating and communicating science. She has an analytical and detail-oriented nature, which is perfectly suited for her role as a JLJ consultant.

Kaye is highly skilled in a host of communications projects including academic manuscripts, literature reviews, grant and fellowship applications, regulatory documents, professional presentations, and slide deck for clinicians and scientists.

She also communicates science concepts and medical advances to students, patients, and the general public through the provision of content for courses, news articles, websites, blogs, and social media.

Outside of work, Kaye is an aspiring runner, novice cheese-maker, (omniverous) cook,  and bushwalker.

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