mattMatthew Heberling brings a valuable blend of professional experience to JLJ Consultancy.

Academically, he has garnered two BSc degrees from the Ohio State University (U.S.A.) in Accounting and Biochemistry and a MSc degree in Biology from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (Switzerland).

Soon he will defend his PhD thesis at the University of Groningen where he focused on the discovery and engineering of industrially-relevant enzymes for the production of key chemicals.

Professionally, he has worked as a tax associate for two major public accounting firms, Arthur Andersen and PwC, in San Francisco and Manhattan before venturing into the the life sciences to feed his inquisitive nature.

In doing so, Matthew has gained an impressive international research experience under the guidance of elite protein scientists in the U.S.A., Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

As a protein scientist, he has (co)authored 8 publications,wrote 4 award-winning research grants totaling ~$9,000, and attended 5 international conferences including the prestigious Biotrans 2013 conference (Manchester, U.K.) where he captivated a 700-person audience.

Overall, the 5 years in tax accounting and 9 years in biochemistry have honed his strengths as a problem solver, effective communicator, and analytical thinker – making him a real asset for JLJ.

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