wibkeWibke is passionate about keeping patients up-to-date on current research. She graduated with a Master of Science in Human and Molecular Biology from Saarland University.

Her curiosity led her to pursue many  life science fields including nutrition, cancer, and infectious diseases in the USA, Germany and Luxembourg.

This has given her the international perspective, which distinguishes JLJ consultants as a group.

She is currently finishing her PhD project in biomedicine at the Luxembourg Institute of Health.

She has published her work in top tier journals and gave seminars to an audience of KOLs, including ~300 scientists and clinicians, at international conferences in Turkey and Austria.

During her studies, Wibke was awarded prestigious scholarships and grants, including a personal PhD grant of more than 180.000 € from Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg. She also received a grant from the German Academic Exchange Service for an international research exchange at Michigan State University.

Wibke sees a missing link between ongoing research, medical doctors, and the general public and she aims to bridge this gap. To accomplish this, Wibke is active in Science Festivals as a new venue for public education.

She sees the communication of research to the public as a central cornerstone of her motivation.

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