Jackie L. Johnson, PhD, founder and managing director, experienced first hand what it meant to lose a loved one to cancer.

Her mother’s sister, Deborah, died of ovarian cancer at the young age of 50.

This experience was devastating. It made a lasting impression on Jackie and ignited her desire to make the world a healthier place.

Touched by these events, Jackie earned a PhD in cancer biology, then continued doing research at  top cancer research centers in the USA and Europe.

At the time when Deborah was terminally ill, Jackie was doing research on effective drug combinations for the treatment of certain cancers.

Despite having over a decade of research experience and a wealth of knowledge about Deborah’s disease, there was nothing Jackie could do to help.

The cancer was too advanced…and there was no available treatment.


From this moment on, Jackie decided that the greatest way to make a positive improvement for future cancer patients was to improve the quality of scientific and medical communication available: for patients, scientist, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies alike.

This is how JLJ Consultancy was born.

Working for the betterment of global health, patient education, and business strategies, JLJ consultancy combines the expertise in medical sciences with the passion of skilled communications professionals and consultants.

All the JLJ consultants hold a PhD in medical sciences and share a common mission: to bridge the gap between doctors, patients, and business.

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